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2014 Factory expansion completed

2014 Factory expansion completed

Our new 4,000-square-foot plant and put into use, which can accommodate 100 injection molding machines, equipped with the industry's most advanced central feeding system, mastering machine, with the

• over 60 plastic injection molding machinesinjection molding
• up to 600-ton clamping force, 2.4kg part weight

• 2-color injection molding machines
• Demag injection molding machines

• 24-hour working, in 2 shifts
• Output: 5 million plastic parts per month
• more than 50 colors regularly used


Regularly used resin:
ABS – Chimei, PP – Sinopec,
PC – Mitsubishi, PA – Asahi,
HIPS – SK chemical, PC/ABS – Mitsubishi,
Special engineering resin experience:
filler: talc, chalk, fiber glass, MoS2, PTFE


Dual-component machine Fully automated production Demag machine (high precision) 


With the latest central conveying system, and in-line masterbatch dosers, we achieve fully automatic material transfer and color dosing.
Customers are guaranteed for more stability in production, and lower cost. Thanks to the industry-leading automation, Duratec is prepared for the challenge of increasing labor cost and increasing quality demand from customers.


Hoppers with masterbatch doser.  Siemens control unit  


We manage over 1,000 molds. All molds are maintained and stored in good condition.
Mold management system is used to keep profile of each individual mold. All mold data including history, maintenance and repair record is all kept.